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Certified Holistic Yoga Instructor & Healer, Registered Massage Therapist (RMT), Bilingual in English & Spanish

With more than 20 years of professional experience in holistic healing that includes use of natural medicine, energy healing (reiki), massage therapy and Korean yoga & tai chi practice, Clarissa has been helping many individuals to restore health and balance in their mind, body and spirit. She is an expert organizer and guide, and has lead many retreats in Mexico and USA. Clients she has helped include people suffering from chronic pains, grief, osteoarthritis, breast cancer survivors and more. 

Here is Clarissa's Story: Clarissa’s journey began as a patient of natural healing therapies. Later, she used therapeutic massage to complete her healing. This experience convinced her to follow the path to become a healer herself. Her 20 years of experience as a healer has come from many sources. Clarissa studied natural medicine in Mexico City, Mexico. She assisted and was mentored by Doctor Chaya Michan. There she learned natural medicine and practiced for 7 years. She then moved to Guadalajara, Mexico and practiced energy healing and Reiki. She also practiced at the clinic specializing in detox, Manuel Arreola, in El Grullo Jalisco, Mexico. She organized many trips from the United States to this hospital to help others find healing.

When she moved to the United States she studied to become a registered massage therapist

(RMT) and later studied at the Healer School in Sedona, Arizona. She became a Dahn Yoga instructor and has studied Healing Chakra. She is also a Dahn Mudo (healing martial arts) instructor. Clarissa has created unique methods in massage therapy and healing treatments using her combined experiences both personal and as a student of healing.

This journey has led her to open the “Advanced Natural Therapy Spa” in Houston, Texas.

Her mission is to help people find their own path in healing both body and spirit.

Below are some of the testimonials from her clients. 

Finding myself and a little piece of Heaven

I have been going to Clarissa for several months and feel I have found not just myself but a little piece of Heaven. I was diagnosed with Lyme’s disease 2 years ago and have been on this journey to get well with much support from my Dr., family and friends. I have been taking antibiotics for the 2 years and knew I wanted to try alternative methods to help me with this disease. One day as I was searching through a local magazine I found Clarissa’s advertisement and at that point I knew I was ready to embark on another journey for my health. I did research on many Alternative practices/businesses and kept coming back to Clarissa’s advertisement. I met her on a Saturday at her studio and discussed with her all of my issues and my quest to get well.

She was so in tune to what I have been looking for, and what I needed. She is not just a Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist and Healer but a warm, sensitive and genuine person. I have been doing her Detox Treatments for 4 months which consists of Brushing of the Skin (to open your Lymphatic System), the Steam Bath (Absolutely Wonderful) to the Massage (it truly feels like a healing). She is so skilled and knowledgeable that I feel like a whole new world has opened up for me in understanding my body and how to keep myself healthy. In addition to that Detox I have also gone to the Korean Yoga classes, I cannot begin to explain the wonders of this Korean Yoga. First of all, I loved how I was able to challenge myself (I have never been a real exercise person) and how much I couldn’t wait for the next class!

Clarissa is so wonderful in how she conducts the class that you feel so motivated and in control of your own personal success to learn and practice the yoga more and more. I have felt so completely comfortable and safe as Clarissa’s client I would recommend her to everyone I know. She has shared so many helpful things such as what exercise helps certain organs of your body, what supplements/herbs are good for your needs, she is without a doubt a woman who is so committed to helping people gain their life back.

On top of all of this she is a listener, which is very hard to find in this day and age of everyone being in a hurry. I have learned to breathe properly, to do movements that will allow my body to be in control and not pain controlling my body as well as my mind. This has been the most thoughtful way for me to explore all the health related ways for me to get well. I have also done the Volcanic Mud Treatments and the one treatment no one wants to talk about (I will!) were the coffee enemas! Let me be the first to say I was a little nervous at first but I will be doing this yearly as a way to detox, trust me it is a must to do. The enemas definitely left me feeling so much better, my skin was glowing and my joints felt so much better. I truly had such a feeling of wellness afterward, but I also know I have to do my part! When I think about all the ways I tax my body by the food I eat, my mental health and just the environment we live in I realize we are constantly expecting our body to do all the work, not fair to our poor bodies. I know now I have to take responsibility for the food I eat, the way I handle difficult issues (stress) but most of all I have to love myself enough to do right for myself and my health. Clarissa is taking me on a journey to learn how to take care of myself (and it is so simple!) by sharing her knowledge and being a great support person in my life. I have such a peaceful feeling now, and know

I met with my Dr. who is treating me for Lyme’s and she is very supportive and can see the difference in my overall well being.

She is encouraging me to keep these alternative treatments up, I feel as though I have a team looking after me, helping me on my way to wellness. Thank you Clarissa for all that you have done for me, words are not enough to express my thanks.

Sylvia, October 2011

Awesome Trip to Merida, Mexico

Having known Clarissa now for about 6 years, I have learned that when Clarissa invites me to join her on one of her "adventures" - I just say yes and ask for the details later. This latest trip was one of our best ever. Clarissa had arranged many of the details of our trip with our wonderful guides, Christina and Reyna. They won us over immediately by meeting us at the airport with cold water and fresh fruit that we enjoyed on the ride to our hotel. Our destination was an area on the outskirts of the beautiful colonial city of Merida, where we stayed at the elegant Hotel Na Luum-wow! Out room was actually a charming casita-style structure designed to resemble the traditional homes of the indigenous people of the area but with all of the amenities of a nice hotel. The staff was extremely attentive and accommodating and our meals were delicious. It was such a treat to sample some of the local dishes right there in the hotel restaurant and we even talked Clarissa into getting us some of the recipes so that we could try them at home.

Christina and Reyna welcomed us with a Drumming Ceremony on the gorgeous hotel grounds on the evening that we arrived. What a perfect way to begin our adventure. The Drumming Ceremony turned out to be a perfect preview for the Acoustic Sound Therapy session that we enjoyed on our second day there. Acoustic Sound therapy is a technique that enables participants to get in touch with their thoughts and emotions through the use of various musical tones and sounds. I was in awe of the variety of instruments that were used to produce the sounds that we heard throughout the session. Interestingly, some were nothing more than simple, clay whistles in the shape of various animals or hollow shells, gourds and seeds, which, in the skilled hands of our guides, produced incredibly beautiful and sometimes haunting sounds. The effect was magical and we all agreed that we came away with a profound sense of calm and relaxation.

Clarissa guided us through morning and evening yoga and stretching exercises that we enjoyed in the beautiful "palapa" on the hotel grounds. One of the highlights of our trip was getting to participate in what is known as a "Temezcal" or sweat lodge ceremony. The hotel actually has their own traditional structure on site that they offer to guests who want to take part in a Temezcal. This was a powerful experience for me and I would encourage anyone who is seeking more clarity and balance in their lives to participate in one of these ceremonies.

Rounding out our experience of this beautiful and tranquil region of Mexico was a trip to the Uxmal Ruins nearby. We not only enjoyed our day together learning about the historical significance of this beautiful place but also gained a better understanding of the spiritual significance as well. On one of our day trips, Clarissa and our guides took us on a wonderful adventure to explore the cenotes, which are amazing underground caves ending in aqua-colored pools of water. Swimming the jewel-toned waters of the cenotes was a profound experience for me and one of my best memories.

This was not only a wonderful trip but also a very rich personal growth experience for me. Being transported to an exotic and beautiful locale and taking part in various healing rituals of another culture (that can seem so oddly familiar at times) has opened my mind to new ways of thinking about myself and my own healing potential. The effect, enhanced by Clarissa's unfailing energy, enthusiasm and encouragement seems almost magical at times.

Through years of study and practice, Clarissa has cultivated a wisdom and understanding of the human potential for healing as well as a strong commitment to developing that potential in herself and others. The various trips that I have taken with her have been great opportunities for me to experience that wisdom and conviction and to help me discover and cultivate those qualities in my own life. I have never been disappointed and have always returned feeling renewed and refreshed. Through these experiences and my ongoing association with Clarissa, I have not only grown in my understanding of my deeper self but have also developed a more positive outlook in terms of believing in my own potential to heal body, mind and spirit. Gracias Clarissa!

Emily S. October 2010

Pain Relief from Yoga

My name is Hilda Perez. I suffer from osteoarthritis in my knees. There is a lot of pain in my knee joints and the Yoga has provided me with a relief that I did not think was possible. Thanks to Yoga, I can walk, jog and perform house tasks without the pain related to the osteoarthritis.


Achieving balance in mind, body and spirit

I knew when I met Clarissa that there was something special about her and over the years I have discovered that to be true in many ways. I have come to know her not only as one of my dearest friends but also as a wonderful and dedicated Massage Therapist with a gentle, healing spirit. Clarissa has played an important role in my life in terms of meeting many of my personal goals toward optimal health and wellness. Staying healthy and achieving balance in mind, body and spirit has always been a priority in my life and I continuously seek out resources that help me to achieve my goals. I have found that my regular sessions with Clarissa have given me a time in which I can bring my mental, physical and spiritual energies into focus in my life. It has been such a positive experience that I have been inspired to seek the same kind of focus and balance in my daily life as well. I have found that when we are out of balance we pay the price with sore, tense muscles. Many of us compound the problem by overworking our bodies at the gym, around the house or in various athletic pursuits. Clarissa is committed to providing quality massage that can relieve sore muscles while at the same time help restore balance to the mind and body. The peaceful, quiet environment and carefully chosen music that she consistently provides assures that clients can relax and clear their minds of distractions while enjoying her wonderful skills as a massage therapist.

For me the experience of regular quality massage and other healing methods that Clairissa occasionally employs in her practice have become an integral part of my personal plan for maintaining optimal health and wellness throughout my life.


Recovering from Jaw Surgery

I was anxious about my pending jaw surgery. Many questions went through my mind. What will I eat? How can I get the proper nutrition? How will I keep myself regular on a liquid diet for 4 weeks? Can I do something to speed my recovery? I asked both my surgeon and my other doctors these questions. They had little to offer.

So, I asked my massage therapist, Clarissa Burnham, for her recommendations. I had confidence in her skills since she had helped me with my hip pain through her massages and other stretching techniques. She recommended I get a juicer machine and gave me several recipes that would provide nutrients and regularity. She recommended a cool damp towel wrapped loosely around my neck to draw out the heat generated by my body’s healing.

During the first 4 weeks these things provided me with soothing relief.<br><br>

At the next stage of my recovery, she recommended using a special healing mud. Since her advice had proved so helpful in the past, I decided I would try this also. The first treatment felt strange and pleasant at the same time. I noticed a pleasant tingling in my jaw, which was a good sign the nerves were healing. Nerves heal very slowly and with jaw surgery it can take up to 1 year for all the feeling to return.

Clarissa also recommended a couple of other techniques to speed healing which I started 8 weeks after my surgery. The first one was tapping gently on my face, jaw and throat using the tips of my fingers. The second one was gently massaging my jaw using my two index fingers pushing in opposite directions, one up the other down. This has helped speed my healing. It has been 3 ½ months since my surgery. My jaw is healed and 75% of the feeling has returned. I expect all the feeling to return in the next few months.

I would recommend Clarissa’s techniques to anyone in need of healing.

Colleen B.

Relief from muscle spasms

Dear Clarissa,

Thank you for helping me through a very painful time. Your massage techniques stopped my muscle spasms. I didn't know what I was going to do if I could not find relief from the pain soon because the medication that I was taking did not help. I am now a believer in the benefits of massage. <br><br>

I also appreciate the time you took to educate me on the importance of proper digestion. I look forward to the opening of your new location on El Camino and will continue to seek your guidance to help me eat healthier because I have had to see a gastrointestinal doctor for problems in the past and feel so much better following your advice.

Michele G.

Wonderful Facials

Hello my name is Clementina Masarweh. Three years ago I became very ill.

One doctor said I had MS another Lupus. Regardless, however many doctors I saw they all

had there own spin on my diagnosis. I also saw an Internal/Alternative Doctor who said I

had mercury poisoning. It made sense, since my symptoms started around the time I

was believed to be exposed. I kept getting worse until I wound up in the hospital

for three days. <br> Finally, Clarissa Burnham was able to help me. I started with her cleansing

diet, then her Reike treatments. I followed her regime faithfully for three weeks, I had

tried everything in practical medicine and it had not worked. After three weeks I was

regaining my movement, the numbness had started diminishing. I actually was feeling

better. I kept seeing her for another two weeks. I had noticed significant

improvement by then. I felt better than I had in a year. I no longer had

fog brain, I had more energy. My joints were also not hurting like before.

She also had me do some steam treatments to continue the detoxing. <br> Overall,

had I not done any of her treatments I honestly do not feel I would have gotten

better. Along with her sincere heart for me to improve. I appreciate her

passion to help others. I respect her professionalism. I credit her in my

recovery and would strongly recommend her to anyone that is seeking to improve

their health. <br><br> With amazing gratitude,

Clementina Masarweh

Massage and pain relief

I have been seeing Clarissa for massage for approximately a year and a half.

She is excellent and I highly recommend her. I have low back pain and the her techniques including hot stone therapy are effective and give me relief of my pain. <br><br>

Mike Z.

Healing and Flexibility

Clarissa entered my life at a much needed time! I was recovering from depression and a torn

pelvis ligament injury! I was in constant pain. My flexibility was very limited and my range

of motion was very constricted! Because of Clarissa's many modalities of healing treatments

such as massage, energy healing, and home exercise, I have been able to resume and

participate in most of my daily life activities without pain! Clarissa is truly a healer and

has touched my life in so many ways!<br><br>

Paula S.

Wonderful Facials

Clarissa encouraged me to experience a facial at her spa from Cecilia Ortiz. I was a

a little reluctant at first. I am now a returning customer for Cecilia's wonderful

facials. They are relaxing and soothing and have markedly improved my skin.

Colleen B.

Grief - Healing - Living

I just lost someone I dearly loved. He was in my life for over 20 years. The vast divide that was left and my broken heart would take time to heal. That much I knew. What I didn’t know was how hard it would be to let go of him. That is what Clarissa enabled me to do. She made me realize that I was holding on to him and if I continued to do that, he couldn’t pass on into the beautiful light that was waiting for him. I would have to let go and also I must give him the energy he needed to make the journey. This energy is the energy of life. Clarissa had been teaching me about this for 3 years.

I have just begun to realize and recognize what this really means. My question was did I have the energy to give to him and the will to let him go. Then she offered me a healing session. Yes, was my immediate reply. Something deep inside me knew I needed help with this great loss. The first healing session was very soothing and comforting (a Korean healing session). I felt the presence of my lost loved one close to me. I could almost feel his touch. I felt he was happy and content (He had been in poor health for several years before he died). I was beginning to see a path for me through the grief. Then Clarissa suggested one more healing session, a Mexican healing session. I agreed eagerly. She told me I would need to write a letter to say goodbye. That would be hard, but I agreed.

The healing session started with this letter and my realization that I had put my grief for my

lost father and my friend together and I would have to let both of them go. The session was so powerful and my grief so deep that at times I felt I would collapse under the weight. I didn’t and what is more I felt a great peace afterwards. I felt light as a feather and free from the weight of my loss. Weeks later I realize that I have let both of them go into the light and also that they are with me still. I have come to accept them in this different presence and that has given me great peace.

Mary B.

The Power Within Us

Stop biting my nails. Stop drinking so much. Is any of this possible? I used to think only self-discipline was needed, even though that didn’t work either. Years of trying all sorts of techniques yielded only minor results. What I was missing was the reason why I was doing those things. I was trying to fill a hole or void in my life, my soul you might say. Through the practice of yoga with Clarissa as my guide, I began to realize the power within me to heal. Heal my body, mind and yes maybe even my spirit. It happened last year, when I woke up one morning after a yoga class and realized I no longer had the urge to bite my nails. Was this a fluke? It didn’t seem possible, but yes it was true. 1 year has passed with no nail biting. And in that year I also freed myself from alcohol. I now believe in the power within me to heal myself, given to me by my Maker. Thank you Clarissa for being my guide and mentor.

Carla, December 2009

Recovering from Breast Cancer

Clarissa has helped me very much with my recovery from breast cancer. Her massages are very healing especially when combined with the steam bath. I have taken Dahn Mudo from her for 2 ½ years, and I am still learning what a powerful mental discipline Dahn Mudo is, and how it heals your mind and body.

Clarissa has helped me heal my body and my mind.

Janet D.

Recovering Feeling after Masectomy

I had a radical mastectomy and 19 lymph nodes were removed. I have had numbness and discomfort for 9 years and after being treated by Clarissa the discomfort is gone. I have some feeling in my left arm again. This is wonderful as I was told it would be like that the rest of my life.

Thank you!

Healing Massages - Releasing my Emotions

When I met Clarissa my emotional body was suffering. The stress of my father's death and illness of my mother had left me drained and depressed. Yoga classes helped in so many ways, but it was regular massages given by Clarissa that helped me release deep emotions. Expectations of others and trying to satisfy them had left me in turmoil. Clarissa has helped me through many different therapies. I have expanded in self-awareness and freely explore "my" reality. Clarissa is a competent guide and healer. Now my journey in life is an adventure and I anticipate my future.

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